Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mad Pessimism

On the radio today I heard someone talking about what amounted to an informal survey he'd conducted on Twitter. He made no pretence of this being a scientific study, but given that he'd 'interviewed' around 2000 people the results were interesting. He'd asked questions aimed at determining the level of optimism in these 2000 people.

His general view of the responses he found he described as 'mad optimism'.

As he said himself, Twitter users can't be classed as a typical cross-section of the community. I couldn't help thinking that if he'd conducted his informal among the movers and shakers - people in the financial and business worlds, politicians etc - he'd have summed the typical response as 'mad pessimism'.

These were the very people who've got the World in a slump by their unrealistic optimism in the first place. Not until they recover their sanity will the present downward trends be reversed.

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  1. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that, or so the economists tell us.