Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Thatcher’s Passing

Well the great lady has gone but much of her legacy remains. The UK is a better and more prosperous place for her having led the country back from the shambles of the then Labour government. Some reading this blog will be old enough to remember: the winter of discontent, rubbish piling up in the streets; bodies unburied, the motor industry in crisis, unremitting strikes and Squeaking Pips Denis Healey going cap in hand to the IMF (International Monetary fund). Before that Edwards Heath's abject battle with the miners’ union who though they should run the government rather than the elected government of the day resulting in the three day week which did untold damage to the economy of ordinary families and the country. That was the mess she inherited. Thatcher achievement are too numerous to fully list her but significant are for example defeating the miners led by a leader with a revolutionary political agenda, allowing ordinary people to buy their own homes from the council, contributing to the final collapse of the Soviet Union and encouraging people to take responsibility for their own lives and opportunities rather than depending on the state to provide. Thatcher is recognised across the world for the great leader she was. Yes she made mistake but who doesn’t. As is inevitable at such a time as this all the cheap jibes and jokes have come to the fore many from people who were not even around at the time, but they count for nothing for one only has to look to the source of such nonsense. I could go on but I am not expecting much agreement on this blog so goodbye and Rest in Peace Mrs Thatcher. Clark Kent


  1. I won't waste time by responding to this. Thatcher is the most divisive politician within living memory. Society still bears the scars she inflicted. But I must protest about the public meeting of the costs of her funeral. This should have been a private affair. State costs should have been confined to the security necessary to keep idiots from disrupting the family. As it is, a public funeral meant it was open house.

    1. "Looks like you did respond" Divisive yes but to appease is not in the nature of great leaders. To have failed to recognise her achievement would leave the UK looking mean and petty in the eyes of the international community. The cost of the funeral is peanuts in the scheme of things and anyway the cost is as yet unknown. When assessing the cost of an event such as this it is necessary to analyse the incremental marginal cost to know the real additional cost to the nation and so far we don’t know what that is. Security yes we need that for sadly the idiots will always be with us.

  2. This is no more than the standard Tory mythology about the Iron Lady.